Cadets - Chain of Command


The complete Chain of Command is required to be memorized before promoting to phase two in addition to the Memory Work. For promotion to Cadet Airman (C/Amn) Cadets must memorize the Unit Chain of Command only. To become an NCO, Cadets must memorize the entire Chain of Command listed below.

Air Force Chain of Command:
Commander in Chief: The Honorable Barack H. Obama
Secretary of Defense: The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Secretary of the Air Force: The Honorable Deborah Lee James
Chief of Staff, USAF: General Mark A. Welsh III
Commander, Air Education and Training Command: General Robin Rand
Commander, Air University: Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast
Commander, CAP-USAF: Colonel Michael D. Tyynismaa

Civil Air Patrol Chain of Command:
National Commander: Major General Joseph R. Vazquez
Pacific Region Commander: Colonel Brian L. Bishop
California Wing Commander: Colonel Alan Ferguson
Group 2 Commander: Lt Col Brett Dolnick

Unit Chain of Command:
Squadron Commander: Lt Col Frank M. Opelski
Deputy Commander for Cadets: Maj Timothy B. Albert
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