Details regarding the various CAP uniform items and how they will be worn may be found within the official CIVIL AIR PATROL UNIFORM MANUAL (CAPM 39-1). The information below are excerpts from the manual but should not be considered as comprehensive. Consult the CAPM 39-1 if you have any questions.

1. Squadron 44 Uniform Schedule
2. Air Force Blues Uniform
3. Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)
4. Physical Fitness Uniform (PT)
5. Uniform Items to Buy
6. Places to Buy Uniform Items
7. Ribbon Rack Builder


Squadron 44 Monthly Uniform Schedule

Week 1- Blues Uniform
Week 2- ABU
Week 3- PT Uniform
Week 4- ABU
Week 5- Civvies

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Air Force Blues Uniform

For a limited time, new Cadet members may order a free pair of Blues when they first join CAP. Follow the instructions located at this link to order your Blues Uniform.

Flight Cap Flight Cap Insignia Shirt Grade Insignia Ribbons and Name Plates Undershirt Belt Pants Shoes Socks Additional Items not required (but will make your uniform look better)

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Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)

Cover ABU Blouse Insignia Name Tape CAP Tape California Wing Patch Squadron Patch Undershirt Sleeves ABU Pants Belt Boots Socks Blousing Bands

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Physical Fitness Uniform (PT)

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Uniform Items to Buy

You may need to buy some uniform items yourself as the Squadron cannot always provide them. Here is a list of what to buy for the Blues and ABU Uniform. Click on the individual item and it will take you to the Vanguard website to purchase them.

Required Items: Optional Items (these will make your uniform look better):

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Places to Buy Uniform Items

Below are some places (online and local) to purchase uniforms and accessories for uniforms. These stores may have some of the items you need. Listing these stores here does not constitute an endorsement of such stores or items they may sell or promote.

There are many other online sources, i.e. Google search for "Air Force ABU". ABU's should be "ripstop cotton" or "nylon/cotton twill" only. To ensure that you are purchasing the correct items online, please consult with the Cadet Programs Officers before purchase.

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Ribbon Rack Builder

This ribbon rack builder allows you to enter in which ribbons you have and it generates an image of what your ribbon rack should look like once assembled.

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